Flower carpet in Grote Markt, Brussels

In 1971 a Flemish architect named Stautemans, after two decades of trials in flower carpeting in Knokke or Ghent, made a spectacular flower carpet in the Grote Markt (Grande Place) in Brussels. Since then, every two years, in August, the Grote Markt is carpeted with flowers, mainly begonias. The example of Brussels was followed by many other Flemish-speaking cities – Ghent (Gand), Brugge (Bruges), Bergen (Mons), Antwerpen (Anvers) but in other countries as well (Koln, Hamburg, Luxemburg, Paris, London, Breda, Amsterdam, The Hague, Vienna, Valencia, and as far afield as Buenos Aires and Colombus, Ohio/USA).

The 2010 flower carpet was amaizing, at least for my untrained eye in the subtle art of gardening or architecture. The symbols of  the City of Brussels (see above : an stylized angel killing the dragon, as a symbol of good conquering evil) and the symbol of Region of Brussels (see below : an stylized lilly), were breathtaking wonderful.

In between, lots of lines and flowery or geometrical motives exerted, in combination with the colours of the flowers, a unique fascination, topped by a simple but so aesthetically gratifying water fountain that completed the carpet.

I’ll let you to judge for yourself. Sorry for the low quality pictures, they were taken by me …

Caeterum censeo Basescu esse delendum!

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